My ADF Dedicant Journal

I joined ADF in February 2012, and started seriously looking at the Dedicant Path — ADF’s beginning training course — seriously in May of that year. The DP takes a minimum of 11 or so months, and includes a mix of practical/experiential work and reading. Most DP students take more than a year. I took a little over 18 months from initial beginnings to submission and approval.

I’ve removed the original links to my notes and am preparing a PDF version of my final portfolio, with minimal redaction (some personal info). I hope to have this up before April.

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  1. Stacy Robb

    We met at Pagan Pride. I am still curious about when your grove meets or just has get togethers. While I live a good distance a way (Sweet Springs) I have an office on campus and am here in Columbia a lot. While solitary is ok, I find myself craving the soical interaction of others of like minds. Hope to hear from you. In Joy, Stacy

    • Yow! I think I finally got comment notifications sorted. :)

      We’re having an rite on the 30th of October 30th, and one on December 19th. You’d definitely be welcome!

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